R2S1 "Responsible, Respectful, and Safe"

What is PBIS?

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports) is a school-wide commitment to teaching students appropriate behavior, acknowledging them when they get it right, and supporting them when they don’t.

What to expect

Children who show positive behavior at Cascade Brook School will be able to receive:

  • Caught in the Acts
  • Certificates
  • Enrichment (Monthly)
  • Special activities
  • Principal Recognition
  • School-wide Recognition

Children who struggle to demonstrate responsible, respectful and safe behavior will receive support and re-teaching in the appropriate behavior.  Interventions may include:

  • Tier II or Tier III referral
  • Detention
  • Referral to the office
  • Reflection form
  • Loss of a privilege
  • Parent contact
  • Conference with student
Enrichment and School wide Celebrations
  • Every Other Friday (except ERD) at 2:20 - 2:50
  • All students can participate unless they have a major ODR or unfinished work
  • Activities include extra recess, laptops, drawing, walking on trail, French lessons, and much more
  • We love parent volunteers to help with activities.  Please contact your child's teacher if you would like to volunteer.
Office Discipline Referrals (ODR)
  • Staff complete the ODR form when students are not following our formula for success Responsible, Respectful and Safe.
  • These forms will show the time, date, location, possible motivation, type of behavior (minor or major), others involved, teacher response, and administrator response.
  • The information from these forms in entered in SWIS and is review monthly by our PBIS Tier I teams.  The team uses the information to monitor how our students are doing behaviorally.  We make changes in school procedures based on the information from the ODR.
  • As a way to promote learning and growth we only send home ODRs in which the student has engaged in a major behavior.
  • We ask that parents read the form, sign it and return it to school the next day.
  • Please know that signing the ODR form only lets us know you saw the form not that you agree or disagree.
  • Attached is a copy of our Behavior Matrix.
  • Please call us at 778-4821 if you have any questions.

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